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Jobs Coming Back to America! Trump Effect Working?

President Donald J. Trump may be one of the most controversial figures in American politics, but there is one undeniable fact that even his rivals will have to concede. The jobs are coming back! It’s still a long road, but the growing opportunities should come as a relief to the people who have been struggling since the Great Recession of …

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Painful Dog Experiments Get Defunded After House Passes Amendment

Stories of the pain and suffering that animals endure, while they are locked up in lab cages, can be very distressing. Recognizing the importance of the issue, the Congress has taken action. The House has passed an amendment to a defense spending bill. The amendment stops all federal funding of experiments on dogs at Veteran Affairs facilities. Animal rights activists …

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New Police Body Cams Can Be Turned On Remotely By Dispatch For Live Feed

A tech company has developed software that allows the 911 dispatch to remotely turn on the body cameras of police officers who are responding to an emergency. The update, if implemented, will allow people at dispatch to watch the interaction of law enforcement officers live, and also record that interaction to use as evidence later. Equature is a technology company …

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Republicans, men among the best tippers, according to a new report

The results are in, and the Republicans have it! A new survey reveals that Republicans, men are among the top tippers in the US. The other three categories of people recognized in the survey to be the more generous tippers are people from northeast, Baby boomers, and people who use credit/debit cards. The new study was conducted by Princeton Survey …

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