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Celebrate National Rice Pudding Day with These Delicious Recipes

Need an excuse to try something sweet? How about National Rice Pudding Day, which is on Aug 9. There are thousands of recipes with many more variations to try, and here’s one video we have picked out for you to experiment. This one is called Layered Chocolate Rice Pudding. Layers all always good, be it ice creams or sweets. It’s …

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5-year-old on a Flight Journey to Remember! Mom’s Post Goes Viral!

There have been a lot of horror stories about airlines lately. However, there are other stories that show how flight attendants and captains go beyond what’s expected of them to make the journey a pleasant one for the passengers. One such story is of a 5-year-old girl who will remember her experience for a long time. The young lady was …

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Guys in kilt show you how to ‘lose fat fast’

There are a lot of videos online that promise to help you lose fat quickly, but not many are as entertaining as this new video of two Scotsmen in kilts. The YouTube channel of the duo is quite popular, and their new project is to teach their loyal followers the secret to “lose fat fast.” The main secret is to …

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Cute Bunny Keeps its House Clean with a Mini Vacuum cleaner

A cute bunny is a stickler for cleanliness. While most pets are potty trained, seeing that in a bunny is rare indeed. A new video has surfaced online that shows how the little pet uses a mini vacuum cleaner to make its house poop-free. The video posted on the YouTube channel of Bini the Bunny shows the pet cleaning up …

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